Helping Leaders Achieve Greater Influence, Higher Engagement & Increased Results

About Peter Green

Peter Green SpeakerI am a workshop facilitator, Speaker and author.
I help leaders and managers harness the brain for massive influence, powerful engagement and exceptional results.

My passion is to help as many leaders as possible unlock their own and their teams potential through a greater understanding of the brain and human motivation. I work with businesses across the UK and Europe helping them grow their leaders and increase the performance of their teams.  I help them become Limbic Leaders*.

Advances in Neuroscience mean that in the last five years, we’ve learned more about how the brain works than in the last 100 years!

I enjoyed a long career in a blue chip international business where I successfully led a range of teams and ultimately headed up the global learning and development function responsible for developing managers and leaders.

In the early days when I first started leading and managing teams I seemed to have the knack to get great results from people. My teams were motivated and often went the extra mile without be pushed to.
These days we would say they were highly “Engaged” Employees.

As I climbed the career ladder and took on larger leadership and management roles I kept my passion for the people side of management. It just seemed natural to me that a leader should connect with their people on and human level if they want them to work hard for them.

I was and still am fascinated by the power of the human brain and have followed the incredible developments in Neuroscience.
Ultimately I choose to leave the corporate world and focus all my efforts in understanding human motivation, emotional intelligence and neuroscience . This gave me real insight as to why I had great success with my teams over 25 years and why some things did not work.

When you know more about how the brain works you will know how to really lead your teams, you will understand Limbic Leadership* and be a true Limbic Leader*

I speak, run workshops and write about many aspects of leadership, relationships and communication.
My philosophy is that relationships make the world go round, humour is essential and life is too short not to be lived.
I like red wine, Formula 1,  cycling, adrenalin and lazy Sunday afternoons but hate tripe, rudeness, fishing and wasps!


* The Limbic Leader & Limbic Leadership first coined by Professor Paul T Brown. Head Psychology and Applied Neuroscience, Lao PDR.